corpotivo  coworking 

Corpotivo coworking is a website where you can search and in some cases, reserve shared work space rentals near you in many different countries around the world.We offer everything from hot desks and open seating to dedicated desks and private offices, along with the option to book meeting rooms and event spaces.

corpotivo resources

Corpotivo resources offer various segment of resources such as freelancer, professionals service, funding and growth. Even though the freelancer services can be inexperience and perhaps a home-based freelancer service provider, according to our study, they do have a creative mind.

virtual office

With our Virtual Office offerings, you will no longer need to focus on the investments that needs to be made in-order to purchase your business software.

corpotivo tivoshop

Search for great deals offered by our partners and shop you way with ease in our Tivoshop platform. Fast checkout, secure payment channel and trusted vendors at your fingertips. Our vendors are the best suppliers in Green Tech, Recycles, Arts and Innovative Technologies.


Need assistance in digitizing your business? Be it cloud deployment, website and apps development, Corpotivo Solution should be your best bet. Choose the area you need assistance in and let us know. We are always ready to help!

Wan Rizal Ahmad
Chief Executive Officer / Founder
Namazee Nizam
Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder
Nurul Asyiqin
Head of Corporate Communication